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Enter New Dynasty with Baseball Hero, the most authentic baseball simulation game on Google Play. With enhanced batting and pitching controls, players experience smart intuitive baseball as never before.

Baseball Hero features improved graphics and intuitive one-finger controls to give you the ultimate baseball experience while on the go. Grow from MLB rookie to the major league's super star, blast away your best hits and become the Home Run legend in Baseball Hero. Enjoy the greatest baseball sports simulation game ever created NOW!

Game Features:
- 3 Game Modes: Quickplay, Career, Practice
- High quality 3D graphics and animations
- Realistic physics of ball movement
- Earn gold coins to upgrade ability and buy power-ups

How to Play:
- Use finger gesture to control batting and pitching of the ball
- The more accurate you flick your finger to hit the ball; it is more likely that you will be a home-run hitter

TIPS: The faster you tap and complete the gesture, the farther you can hit the ball.

Baseball Hero APK reviews

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Derek Zeckser review Derek Zeckser
Doesn't Work on Note 4
Can't get past loading screen. I see that people have been complaining about this for months for the Note 4. Ever going to fix this?
Andrew Champ review Andrew Champ
Great Game!!!
I enjoyed it but i feel like they need to add a bit more like, throwing out runners, controling fielders and bunting also there are no ground balls its all flys
J Love review J Love
Cool game
Don't need money to have fun.
Mr Xgreen review Mr Xgreen
The idea is good BUT
I hate the idea of trying to hit why not have a tap one of the four ball spots and leave the sliding for the pitching
Daniel Potenza review Daniel Potenza
Can't play
I see a second of life and then it crashes
Vikram Sidhu review Vikram Sidhu
It's Okay
I feel like it was ment for a younger audience. I know that the game makers (producers) can't make everyone happy, but adding in the extra (glamor) would have helped (Hope my review was helpful.)
Jonathon Price review Jonathon Price
Not enough to sustain interest, however it is fun in short bursts... like 5 minutes at a time
Ed Ditata review Ed Ditata
Easiest game ever. Couldn't be any easier. Gets boring pretty quick though
2ndcoat3 review 2ndcoat3
Started off to seem like a fun game then it turn to ridiculously hard. You can hit the ball to opposite team 95% of the time while the computer can pretty much hit it and get runs
Alexanxra O'cean review Alexanxra O'cean
Not really baseball
It is more like practice than a game. But it's a free app so I am not complaining, it's jut not for me. Thanx anyway
Hunta Scaletta review Hunta Scaletta
They catch the ball basically every time even if bit is a perfect hit waste of time downloading this bol**ks
Antoine Devine review Antoine Devine
Well done.
Really fun., addictive game. Hit my first home run! NOTE: After playing a while, and getting max hitting, I can't get a hr. When I play career, it's impossible to hit well, and when I do score, it miraculously gets consecutive hits until it ties or wins, hitting every pitch.
Mom Cathcart review Mom Cathcart
Cathcart I was wondering what your thoughts. I will have to be honest. The only way I see the world. The first one is the most part, and I will be a problem with the help, but I don't have the same time as the most part of this message. If I were a lot more. The only problem is that the company is a very bad.I'm sure you have any other questions. The only way you want to do it, but I think it was a great deal with the same thing as a result in the morning. If I could win the game is to have the same time as
Neeraj meena review Neeraj meena
Nice game, easy to play... Good work by developers... Doodle mobile ltd i requests u to design a cricket game just like this... Plzzzzzzzzzz.......
Dee Forrester review Dee Forrester
Love this game.
Easy to learn yet challenging. Great and fun.