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Counter Shot
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Fight for the future in Counter Shot, the blend of action oriented first person shooter and strategy based combat! Arm yourself with deadly assassin sniper weapons or powerful machine guns now!

The year is 2033. Tensions run high amongst world’s superpowers. It is your mission to restore peace to a war-torn world. You need to shoot your way out of one dire situation after another to eliminate rebel's defending tactical forces first. Then go on the further offensive, commanding an army of elite soldiers and devastating drones to launch full attacks against the bases of rebels and terrorists. Switch between first person shooter and third person strategy constantly and step into action now!

Game Features:
- First person shooter action combined with real time strategy
- Spectacular graphics and blistering action sequences
- Compete against real players all around the world

Counter Shot APK reviews

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Great game of rhing i would change or add is when u gi back ro home it should return to the menu whixh you were in nit reset to no menu making you open the menu everyrime
rommel mateo review rommel mateo
Control of Soldiers
Better if the soldier would first priorities to attacked the defense of opponent than taking the loot.
I want to remove my fb account but i am unable to remove it
John Jeffrey Bacit review John Jeffrey Bacit
very addictive
awesome game.. just a few things though.. i think you should let the mines repair itself after being triggered during an attack.. it is annoying to purchase it over and over again if your base is attacked. keep it up..:)
Vinit Tandel review Vinit Tandel
Player of clash of clan town hall 8
I liked this game but it is not as better as clash of clans
Windsor balbuena review Windsor balbuena
this game has a good graphics very addictive,,,but it doesn't work in data connection,,,pls fix it...
Neetu Bisht review Neetu Bisht
This game is very good but not good like Lords mobile,clash of Lords and COC
bou rached youssef review bou rached youssef
Amazing game love it
Its awesome game..hope that will also have a war..
Patrick Real review Patrick Real
"resource download failed" . bullsh!t a lot of BUGS!!!!!!!!!!
Arun Kaushik review Arun Kaushik
Nice game ...can you please arrange gold and power transfer option
Naveen Ammu review Naveen Ammu
Iam really enjoyed
Its amazing game wonderful graphics and most competitive game
Soumya Swaroop Panda review Soumya Swaroop Panda
This device is out of memory
Playing this game since 1 month. Now I am facing the above problem since 3 days. At the time of loading the game the above msg occurs. Then ok it and the game closed down. However I have more than 9 GB of ROM & 1 GB of RAM available on my device. Nice game but upgradation required.
helmuth samayoa review helmuth samayoa
Just started so far it's good. UPDATE. Now level 5 and lose way to many medals when you don't get at least 50% and it is super hard to get that because their are not enough players in the game. so it keeps showing you the same bases to attack and they are mostly suicide attacks. So I will be uninstalling for now maybe I will come back if you make some changes with defense or stronger offense. Also when you go to attack someone who is the same lvl it offers only +11 medals for 100% if you lose - 50 medals.