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Have you sick of the same pattern of profile picture on Facebook or Twitter? Don’t you think it’s much better if you can draw yourself a cartoon one?

Doodle Face turns you into an expressive comic character with customizable eyes, noses, mouth, hairstyles and lots of crazy stuffs. Create your own avatar and share it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr & etc. You can also play mini games using your own avatar or communicate with friends in Doodle Face game center.

Game Features:
- 800+ customizable facial components
- Drop-dead simple to create a profile picture
- Mini games and discussion groups of hot game titles

Doodle Face APK reviews

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Elizabeth W review Elizabeth W
The only problem I have with this game is that you can only save 6 characters for each gender at a time. I was going to use all of mine as references for writing and drawing, but when I went to my album there were only 6 per gender. If there were more album slots for each gender, that would make the game much better. Also, while there are good hair and eye and skin options, I think more could be added. The light skin colors are either too pale or just paper white. There are very few darker skin tones. Also, there aren't many light hair colors. The only blondes there are are not quite blonde. If these things could be fixed the game would be much more enjoyable.
Frances Atty review Frances Atty
if there was more saving space that would be great, also the darker skin tones are severely lacking. there's only one dark shade, which almost none of the lip colours work well with. also I really like some of the males facial expressions like some of the eyes etc, which arent on the female version, and vice versa. apart from that i really like the art style nd the easy layout, despite how similar it is to faceq
Calina Robota review Calina Robota
Read this if you are using this app for creation!!! So, I'm using this app only for the creation of the characters, I actually waned to write something with them, and I've created like twenty of then and when I looked I saw that only 6 were saved, I checked in the galley where hu ate saved too but no, only 6. If you could pump up the character limit that would great! Thanks.
Patrick Ross review Patrick Ross
Gu! I love using this app. It is a lot of fun, and the minigames give the player something else to do besides create a character. However I have a few thing that I think would make this better. First off, a color wheel. Your app contains a limited amount of color, but adding a color wheel will allow people to find the exact color they want. Secondly, more options are needed. The hair, mouth, and eye options are just fine, I think, but everything else seems rather limited. Lastly, it would be great if you could implement some sort of online chat so people can share the creations they made on your app without having to share it to some other social media.
Casper Blue review Casper Blue
I am in love with this app! The style is adorable, it reminds me of Kasey Golden's art! But the only problem is that it's VERY limited. I can only have 6 characters to each gender, and it also annoys me that there is no delete for an unwanted character. When I delete one character on the app, but want to keep it in my gallery, the whole character disappears. From my files, gallery, everything. And it's pretty annoying. That's basically all I had to rant about, otherwise, GREAT APP
Rachel Kerrins review Rachel Kerrins
fun little game! great for making cute icons to use as user images and stuff like that online. I sort of wish you could put on multiple face marks at once (like putting both freckles and wrinkles on a person) and on that not i also wish the freckles were brown instead of the red they are now because it kind of makes them look like acne. otherwise super cute and fun!
Lina Trestain review Lina Trestain
This game's char creator is cute and all, but the color selection is poor. Not many darker colors, and even within lighter skin tones the selections are either paper white or pretty pale. The darker ones look lifeless and ashy, and the choice of mouths are borderline racist (think Jim Crow type cartoons). The hairstyles where the scalp is shown are also weird, maintaining an ashy gray no matter what color or skin tone it is.
Julie Clarke review Julie Clarke
i LOVE this app, very fun. some suggestions: allow eyebrow color change, and rotation/width/thickness change controls like nintendo's mii maker if possible. games are a little wonky too but overall GREAT app
saturn review saturn
The best part is the really pleasing to the eye art style. Variety could be nice, like some more mouths or clothes, but the character making part is awesome. The gameplay is alright, not much to it, but it's not good either. It's okay if you're interested in that type of stuff, if you're not, it's easy to ignore.
Frosty Cactus review Frosty Cactus
I only have 2 problems with this game. A picture of the person I make is saved onto my phone and if I delete one a different one saves onto my phone with a black background and when I delete them it tells me I need to make a character when I go to play a game. The second thing is this, it's very minor, in the one game that kind of copies "doodle jump" doesn't jump very high and it's kind of difficult when you don't jump high.
Napdragon review Napdragon
MORE COLORS, PLEASE! Can you add the color wheel so we can pick our own colors too? And could you make it so you can move things closer and further, and also allow size change? ((btw, this is your only good "game"))
Jhudiel Plando review Jhudiel Plando
Generally, it's the best avatar creating app I've used, but I dislike how there's only a limit of 6 avatars per gender. I made more than six avatars and had my older ones deleted automatically. Maybe add more space? Please?
A Google user review A Google user
Hi! I really like the app and all the options. Someone I know commented on the nice art style, and I agree with her. I like how it is simplistic, smooth and pretty the style is. A color wheel would be nice, so there is more customization, but if that is difficult to implement, that is okay. Thanks! Good luck and happy gaming. GG.
LPSThundra review LPSThundra
I love this game! It's a great timekiller. I only wish there were more options for clothing, hair, and things like hair and eye colors. Maybe some ombres for some new hair colors?
Wicked Hex review Wicked Hex
A great game for making fun little characters and character design! The art style is very pleasing to the eyes. The mini games are a bit buggy though, its still worth the download though ;P