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Farm Town: Cartoon Story
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Designed for family.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Cutest free farm game. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
★ ★ ★ ★ ★ Top new free hay and farm experience on your android. ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
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Invite all your friends in cute farm town game! Prepare yourself for dozens of receipts for cooking, crafting and growing. Plant fresh crops like hay, vegetables, fruits, and berries. Equip and develop your farm with new cars and buildings. Take care of the cute pets - here you will find a cow, peacock, pig, sheep, ostrich, and many other animals.

Build beautiful estate for all of your friends in different style: American mansion, Japan house and Spain hacienda and many others buildings for your serves!

Fantastic farm + hidden object. Unique HOB will bring you an opportunity to find wonderful things on your farm, and craft it into next items in hidden.

Produce useful goods like bring your farm to prosperity.

But that's not all! In this game you will have ability not only to build your farm - the whole nearby city and will depends on your success.

Enlist the support of your friends, and create your own distribution network, help the development of the city and provides residents with supplies and ... Who knows, maybe it is you who will one day become the mayor of Farm Town! Its hay day on your farm.

Welcome to the exciting game about the life of a villager near the town of

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Farm Town: Cartoon Story APK reviews

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Dawn Grewell review Dawn Grewell
Hay Day is much better. In Farm Town: Cartoon Story, some things in the game only work if you invite other people to join you in the game. It doesn't tell you, though, until after you've spent a bunch of resources to repair a shop that you cannot sell without hooking other people into the game, too.
Sally Bullock review Sally Bullock
I like this game but it seems like you do a lot to get very little. I can't seem to collect enough axes and saws and shovels to clear my land so I have a room to put stuff. Also I'm having trouble trying to move my items around my farm once they have been placed thats it I can't move them again. It has quite a few things that you should fix. I may play for a little while longer but if it doesn't get fixed I will be deleting
MS Smith H review MS Smith H
I love playing this game, but now I'm at level 12 and it won't let my buy from the store anymore. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM, or I'll have to delete the game. Evan though I love playing this game. There are things I need to buy to continue. I can't buy flowers, machine to cook, pig pen. Nothing at all. PLEASE FIX!!!!!! I will give it a five if fixed. It fine I uninstalled the game...
Shauna Kreger review Shauna Kreger
Game does not work properly. Won't connect to Facebook. Glitches out by reloading everytime i touch items. Very low quality game!!! Cant even play it. Fix the bugs if you want people to play.
Misty Jennings review Misty Jennings
I like this game but I'm having a difficult time getting the rubies I worked for on the offers. Also, I liked the page on my Facebook and still haven't gotten the rubies from that either. Tapjoy sent an email to me stating they are going to have my missing rubies handled by a specialist. I'm so close to uninstalling. Also why can't I visit James farm like in the first one. It won't let me go. It just stays on the main pic of the app. U am very upset with this app.
Jason Hrusecky review Jason Hrusecky
they never give me my rubies when i completed the free ones, and you can't really get anything done without running into another problem you can't solve without rubies, yet they never reimburse my rubies when they say they will. it's so annoying.
Brandi Winnes review Brandi Winnes
Loved this game...but now it's not letting me use some of my inventory and also make items when I have all the list of items to use. Getting frustrated.
Cranny Besonia review Cranny Besonia
i played it for a week, but when i reinstall it, my farm that is connected to my fb cant be connected, it says "error connecting to social network, canceled by player"..
John Doe review John Doe
i like the game, but i did a offer from tap joy for 94 ruby and did not recieve my award. when i tried filling out the missing ruby form for tapjoy, it wouldnt go through because it couldnt find my offer. very close to uninstalling, and writing a worse review if not fixed.
Sheila Reese review Sheila Reese
Love the game but it has lots of things need to be fixed. Can't get certain flowers and truck can't deliver over amt.$390. Think some of these things can be fixed or upgraded. This would be one of the best games.
grace chen review grace chen
can you please check for me.just now got promotion said buy two in 1 with us19.99 but i only receive diamond without gold..kindly check ..tQ
Wanda keepinitreal review Wanda keepinitreal
Love the game but I'll probably uninstall because no one is replying. While trying to move that crane thingy my game glitched and now it's up on the hill behind my farm. It won't let my go up that far to grab it and move it where I want. I sent a inbox on the fan page but NO reply YET! Plus everything is so expensive. Do so much and get very little. I clicked on to repair the Ore Mine and it took my $7500 but didn't start repair it! I also did an IQ Test and posted it to my wall but did NOT get my 23 rubys!
Chris rowles review Chris rowles
Like the game a lot, except wish there was a way to sell off or get rid of items in the storage. Especially since Every time you upgrade the storage you don't get much room so you end up not being able to make enough product for the people on the boat. Also liked when you could just watch some videos for free ruby's. I don't like that now you have to apply for things, or try to do surveys. Then even if you complete them you still don't get the ruby's.
Tobie April Cuenca review Tobie April Cuenca
Those two factories got stuck. I can't collect the products from them.
Karen Rogers review Karen Rogers
I love this game but spending too much money. Some of the most needed items are hard to come by and you end up buying gems.