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TOP SECRET! FIND OBJECTS IS LIFE-RUININGLY FUN! ! This game is #1 hidden objects game available on Android.

Searching for hidden objects is more immersive than ever in Find Objects! Can you find all of the hidden objects? It's like hide and seek with items that seem to be really hard to be found. Peel away at our special scenes with an exclusive parallax scrolling mechanic for a groundbreaking level of immersion. You have to look for things that seem invisible!

Game Features:
- 150 beautifully designed challenging puzzle levels
- 500+ collections of hidden objects to piece together
- Eight interesting characters with special abilities
- Colorful art, vivid graphics and great music

Find Objects APK reviews

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A Google User review A Google User
5 stars for FUN but...
Don't the creators of this game ever play it themselves? Lots of things wrong with it...These things need to be changed: The sun is not a planet, tomato IS a fruit, pirate IS a man, the moon IS luminous & butterfly IS an insect and lots of other little things. And sometimes when I find an object the bell goes off and I get my coins but it doesn't deduct it from objects found. Love the game tho!
Ellie G. review Ellie G.
Mostly fun.
This game has cute, colorful graphics & a lot of levels, which could actually get pretty challenging at times. However, some of the objects fall incorrectly under certain descriptions. Sometimes, it's even hard to identify what some objects actually are because of the cartoonish design. The long gap between checkpoints sucks too, and the upgrades, cheats, and characters can get really expensive. Also, there are no Google cloud save and sync options. Still a nice game though.
Brandi Gossett review Brandi Gossett
This game is a good game to play when want to pass time by. I would give 5 stars but ALOT of the time when u find an object it doesn't count it!!! Then you are asked to look for an object that is NOT there at all!!! If these problems were fixed it would be so much better.
Jenny Wilson review Jenny Wilson
One of my faves, but...
I love the game, however, its only real flaw is that when the app starts up and the music starts, it sounds like music from some 70's porn. I find it hilarious, but some people may find it embarrassing to forget to turn sound down before starting app- like say in a doctors waiting room..Could prevent some from keeping app. Just a thought! Oh, and Whats with no new update to fix descriptions/or add levels? You guys get lazy or move on? You got loyal players , it would be nice to show them some love back!
Lisa Eller review Lisa Eller
fun but frustrating
This us one of the best games that I have on my phone. I actually removed it and then reloaded it a few months later. The one thing that makes me really angry enough to uninstall it again is at the very same spot in the pathway the items you need to find to advance to the next game are not anywhere to be found. It seems intentional to keep you from being able to advance past a certain point. PLEASE FIX THIS because it ruins the whole game.
Deborah Allen review Deborah Allen
Best Find Objects game available!
Hours of fun, yes I said hours, lol. Can be a little tricky. Seems like there should be a key of some sort to tell you what items count for certain categories, because most are fairly obvious, however there are a few that can be misleading. Overall, very entertaining, and very addicting as well! Love it! :)
Aeron Capricho review Aeron Capricho
Very Challenging!!
With the use of Vs. Mode I can compete with my friends..It is so cool.But it so difficult game because you need to move-left and right.BTW .Cool
Travis Surface review Travis Surface
Not accurate!!!!!
Find an insect, I touch a butterfly....wrong. Find something that luminates, the moon....wrong. I don't have time for useless broken crap. Dont waste your time.
Misty Maxwell review Misty Maxwell
Now yeah- this is a great find objects game. I am so happy 2 have found dis game b4 download in da sucky ones. Many levels in each land & diff objects. Thank you 4 an Amazon game:-) :-) :-)
hanasani izaak review hanasani izaak
Great !!
Kewl games,, so addicted .. can't stop playing it ! Please add more levels , also cute Symbols . But, some things are too small *>o<
Anna Robertson review Anna Robertson
Great way 2 pass the time
Gr8 source of fun trying 2get all objects b4 time runs out
Theresa Koebel review Theresa Koebel
I am not literate with creating or building apps BUT.... I accidentally discovered that after I inevitably "lose" a round bcz the moon is a "planet", IF I manually close all open apps (which, of course, includes this game), THEN I can replay immediately! Even though frustrating, as well as many inaccuracies, I enjoy the challenge. Just wish I'd figured out sooner how all the powerups work!
Sheante Todd review Sheante Todd
Very fun but game is not accurate
It would be nice if some of the pictures could be used for other words. For example, shoes with laces could be used not only for shoe but also threads, glasses not only for seeing utensils but also drinking glasses. My children love this game but get confused when it tells them to find an object that has multiple uses, they pick an item that is asked for but incorrect on the game. Other than that, game keeps kids busy and happy.
Khan Khan review Khan Khan
iam addicted to this mind blowing fun game n can play for hours on endless mode. please add more levels
Anthony Sturman review Anthony Sturman
It great it it freezes from time
The game is great but is inaccarit on catagoriese but over all its a good game even though it freezes on me