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Infinity Sword
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Infinity Sword is #1 stunning fantasy fighter game that combined intense action and robust strategy. From its spectacular swordplay to its breathtaking crossbow shootings, Infinity Sword offers action-packed, adrenaline-fueled combat experience with an immersive, intriguing story-line.

As it has been for all in your bloodline, this is your birthright – to free your people and rebuild a powerful kingdom. You must pick up your sword blade, crossbow or war hammer and battle against endless waves of dark monsters. Crush your enemies, humiliate demon bosses, and be the one to rule the kingdom. The game also lets you build a castle, control the action, and train elite troops to fight against enemy armies on battlefield. Slash, shoot, and cast devastating spells now!

Game Features:
- Create, evolve and customize your hero with epic weapons
- Devastate your enemies with intuitive controls
- Journey through different locations full of menacing demons
- Compete against worldwide players and dominate the leader boards

Infinity Sword APK reviews

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Azrim Vistana review Azrim Vistana
Best game...
Overall it's a good game to make it great if the developer could add more options on teamwork basis with clan members thus make the chaos with several levels more aggressive in attacking will give more challenging situations.
Onthego Moe review Onthego Moe
This is not an action game
This is actually a strategy game. Pictures in google play store show what you will be spending 1% of your time doing, the other 99% will be city building. Honestly its an okay strategy game, but clash of clans is 10x better. So yku have one, false advertising and two, inferior game.
Gustavo Rivera review Gustavo Rivera
Man oh man
So adictive! Needs an embassy and trading resources. Update that and it'll be complete.
Rick Sawyer review Rick Sawyer
Starts wherever
Wish you had the opportunity to start over
Ambuj Singh review Ambuj Singh
Food buff is going down even my farm are fully upgrade it happen after I updated the game
Vratios Gratacos review Vratios Gratacos
Svater lys kvledde
John Carlo Gomez review John Carlo Gomez
I LOVE IT keep up the good work guys. but upkeep and food production is not compatible thats why our food is always drained and why the throne is scheduled only once a week? Aww
Karlo sarasua review Karlo sarasua
Infinity Sword
Good game
A Google User review A Google User
Insan lemah
The best game
Siswati Hu review Siswati Hu
great but
there should be option to get 2 buildings building/upgrading by either buying or leveling something like the palace and like you should be able to split up your troop mid raid or call them back
Chris Almazar review Chris Almazar
I just finished the first fight, I'll provide a review after I explored the game.
Josh Miller review Josh Miller
A game that valued making money so far above being a good game it's hardly enjoyable. They incentived rating so most of these reviews aren't reliable. It starts off as a normal building a keep game, but after a few upgrades everything takes hours to days to finish, and you can't have 2 similar actions going at a time. Of course you can skip one thing at a time by paying real money, but it wouldn't last for much anyway.
Basim Butt review Basim Butt
my food is not refilling automatically plz help me to solve this problem And one more thing awsome game love it
tyler fortin review tyler fortin
Loving the Game so far. But how do i get arrows? Do I have to use diamonds
ian ominde review ian ominde
The power, amazing