Mauf - Messenger Color & Emoji APK

Mauf - Messenger Color & Emoji
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★ Update on 07.07: Working on a fix. Please don't leave low reviews :'(

★ Users with only Messenger account, please read this
Currently, it's not possible to use Mauf with Messenger account. You can't use one Messenger account on multiple devices at the same time. So if you log your Messenger account in Mauf (or another device), you'll lose all data in Messenger app on your old device. That is how Messenger work, and there's nothing I can do. Please understand and don't leave bad reviews 😔

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As you already know, Facebook Messenger only allows you to choose the conversation's color in a list of 15 colors. That's pretty boring.
Mauf gives you the chance to customize the colors of your conversations on Facebook Messenger to any colors that you want. Your friends on all platforms (iOS, Android, Web...) can see the new colors without having to do anything.
Why not getting your Facebook Messenger personalized with custom colors starting right from today?

★ Features:
- Fast, simple and super easy to use.
- A wide range of 16,777,216 colors & 1000 emojis to choose from.
- Shows number of total messages in each conversation.
- Your friends on all platforms (iOS, Android, Web...) don't need to do anything to see the new colors or emojis.
- You can use it even if you don't have Facebook or Messenger apps installed.
- Quickly copies and applies the color chosen from one conversation to another.
- Supports changing colors in group conversations as well.
- Multiple languages

Our favorite colors are black (000000) and white (FFFFFF) 😂

Mauf for iOS:
Mauf for Google Chrome:

★ Fun Fact:
If you type "mauf" using Vietnamese IME, you'll get the word "màu", which means "color" 🌈

★ Translation
If you would like to help me translate Mauf to your native language, please visit Thank you 🤗

★ Need help?
If you have any problems, please contact me at [email protected]
I'm sorry if there is any inconvenience. Please don't leave bad reviews because this app is still pretty new 😔

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Mauf - Messenger Color & Emoji APK reviews

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Monique C. review Monique C.
I can't change color and i hate it please fix it as soon as possible igive 5 if it fix
Lia review Lia
Egy darab fos a frissites ota. Hasznalhatatlan IT'S USELESS FROM THE UPDATE!
A Google user review A Google user
This app has a little problem about changing the colors in messenger
alberto domingo review alberto domingo
Im hoping that this app will fix the problem, for now Im just giving 3 star, but when the color changing in messenger is back I will give you the best star . I hope that this is a motivation for you to work hard and to fix this problem immediately.
chen dacera review chen dacera
It can now only change emoticons not colors. Bad app
A Google user review A Google user
When r u gonna fix the problem ? It's been so damn long
Gwyn zireael review Gwyn zireael
I was using this few months ago aand ot was perfect - seen every conversation I had. I wanted to change one chat's color today and had to relog in. Huge mistake. App sees only 3 conversations and none of them are recent. They're pretty old.
Abigail Sabellina review Abigail Sabellina
I love it. None of my friends knows about this so they're wondering where the hell did I get the black color on the convo bubles lmao ?
Why does it keep saying that no conversation? I use this app for almost 4 months and then when i update my messenger it doesn't worl again.. Fix this... My phone is Samsung S7 Edge
Mikhail Jackson review Mikhail Jackson
Best app ever! Now we just need it to change the whole app to a solid color to your liking as another option. And changing Facebook boring colors as well
Fritzpatrick Leroy review Fritzpatrick Leroy
I can't even use it. I have a messenger only account, but it was made with a Facebook that I had disabled. So theoretically, the app should work with my messenger account since I didn't make it without a Facebook account. Despite this, I still give it four stars as I see other people use it. It looks so cool when I'm added to a chat that has some unique color.
Christopher Bolanio review Christopher Bolanio
When I open the app it always shows no Conversation found and when I try to refresh It says (messengers having a problem. Please try again.)?? I al ready re-install the app and still not fix. Please do something Thankyou! :)
Andre Miel review Andre Miel
A really good app for customizing messenger more than just what facebook gives you. But only 4/5 for not having the middle finger emoji... The day that I'm able to set that as my emoji is the day this app gets a 5/7.
Hannah Huynh review Hannah Huynh
This app gives me more options to choose the colours I like for my conversations on Facebook. 5 stars for the app and if I could I would give 10 stars to the developer. Great job!
Diana Markevich review Diana Markevich
It's awesomely amazing app! Love it! ❤