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Monster Crush is #1 popular monster themed game which takes classic defense games to a whole new level.

Since the very first bedtime, children have known that once their parents tuck them in and shut off the light, that there are Monsters hiding in their closets, waiting to scare them! It is your job to protect the children from evil monster scarers. Build towers with special weapons to hold your defense against endless waves of monsters in the children's bedrooms.

With irresistible gameplay mechanics and excellent sound and visuals, Monster Crush is spectacularly entertaining, making it easy to lose track of time while chasing scores and smashing monsters.

Game Features:
- 48 challenging stages in Adventure mode
- 12 additional stages in Escape mode
- Feed and take care of good lovable monsters, and watch them grow!

Monster Crush APK reviews

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brandon harrington review brandon harrington
Have a little trouble raising monsters but love the main game alot!
Laura Stewart review Laura Stewart
Many hours of teasingly great frustrating fun!
Val Main review Val Main
Good fun, nursery bit is slightly pointless as it isn't connected to the actual game. Needs more levels and maybe option to gain certain weapons gained during the nursery game to use in the main game.
Skyy Anderson review Skyy Anderson
I love it! Its so addicting that i my wife yells at me cuz its two in the morning and im still up playing it. It didnt feel like six hours to me lol\tGreat game
Fayruzza Fayruz review Fayruzza Fayruz
Galaxy Tab 3
Finally i had killed the big monster in the final wave. Just finds the ways. Click pause then delete unused tower,the energy will raise up.then top up energy for all weapon before the monster arrive.make sure all the weapon must b power up before the monster arrive..thats why i use the pause button to arrange my weapon..if the energy still not enough,u can buy the energy,just click the energy button.good luck.i lov this game..
S Burns review S Burns
Great wee game
Great game but needs a lot more levels. Please add some more. Also get rid of the nursery bit as that was not a great feature.
Robert Craven review Robert Craven
Excellent game, more addictive than I expected.
Check it out.
BK Singh review BK Singh
110% adventurer game
Google play's most wanted game... All of other fake....
Awaluddin Piero review Awaluddin Piero
Easy, simple, fun really kick out my boring,, thanks
Eric George review Eric George
Fun game
It would be better if you didn't have to replay alot of boards to get gold.
Jinesh Kaiprath review Jinesh Kaiprath
Addictive game..very interesting
One week I was behind dis game. Adventure mode is great. Completed 11 levels with all achievements in 10 levels in all locations. They wont allow u to finish level 9 fully anywhere. Lol Escape and nest not good
Curtis Hargett review Curtis Hargett
Its a cool game after u get into it lol
Two thumbs up
Aira Navarro review Aira Navarro
Fun game!
Its super fun!, when im bored i just play monster smash and i dont get bored :D
Luke Gunderson review Luke Gunderson
Here is how to unlock more levels
There are extra levels that can be played once you get the "achievements", but it doesn't tell you what they are. To unlock more levels clear off all the objects off the first three levels. Do this by shooting the bushes, rocks, cows. Thumbs up if this was helpful!
Ramon Lopez review Ramon Lopez
Great game fun,easy and groovy monsters.